Brave, fun, creative & inclusive
Everyday we strive to be the cream of the crop, the bees knees, the cats pyjamas. That means looking inwards as well as outwards, to make sure our culture is truly epic.

Our team is a mixed bag of fruit and nuts from all over the place. We’re lady-led - 70% of our 28 full-time staff identify as women, (proving the future is female). 35% are non-white and/or non-British, 12% have a disability and 20% identify as LGBTQ. On top of that, 22% are full-time working parents.
Barney Sutton
Managing Director
Merch Manager
Timmy Sampson
Managing Director
Cricket Commentator
Joana Ferrāo
Creative Director
Ladder Inspector
Mark Davies
Operations Director
Cardigan Consultant
Dilly Mason
Account Director & Head of Event Strategy
Snack Chief
Hannah Emmerson
Account Director
Mixology Master
Tommy Mansell
Head of Production
Games Master
Sarah Lennon
Head of Interiors
Sample Sorcerer
Dean Rodgers
Head of Immersive
Escape Engineer
Lucinda Barber
Creative Development Manager
Chief Chocolatier
Milly Van Os
Lead Creative Producer
Style Supervisor
Grace Bradshaw
Senior Producer
Snow Specialist
Brady Kinghorn
Senior Producer
Culture Monitor
Kirsty Watt
Producer & Talent Agency Manager
Handwriting Executive
Danelle Johnson
Office DJ
Miranda Balfe
Head Chef
Poppy Bagwell
Events Assistant
Peat President
Charlie O'Neill
Events Assistant
Gen Z Consultant
Franck Tawema
Senior 3D Designer
Croissant Surveyor
Jamie Twyman
Senior 3D Designer
Crypto Clerk
Richie Thomas
Assistant Production Manager
Chief Hugger
Emma Hayward
Creative Construction Manager
Utensil Wizard
Joe Wilkinson
Senior Production Manager
Spelling Advisor
Ben Wilkinson
Production Manager
Chief Tinkerer
Anastasia Campos
Production Manager
Puppy Minder
Brian Braiden
Sports Correspondent
Jen McCartney
Management Accountant
Alien Auditor
Michael Quinn
Finance Administrator
Reality Checker
Emma Perrin
People & Culture Manager
Kitten Herder
Hannah Briley
MAKE IT - Managing Director
Plant Propogator